ROMLAS Health Group Pioneers Functional Medicine in the PH

With a commitment to bring the global best practices of healthcare and wellness to the Philippines and make these available to more Filipinos, ROMLAS Health Group (RHG) has pioneered Functional Medicine in the country, a revolutionary, evidence-based, and science-driven approach that enables individuals to optimize their health even before falling ill.

LifeScience Institute Functional Medicine Mentorship Program

The first Functional Medicine mentorship program in the Philippines and Southeast Asia

The Institute for Functional Medicine (IFM)

The first educational partner in the Philippines and Southeast Asia. IFM believes health and vitality are essential to the human spirit and works to advance the highest expression of individual health by advocating Functional Medicine as the standard of care.

The Microsetta Initiative: University of California, San Diego (UCSD)

The first official research partner in the Philippines and Southeast Asia

LifeScience Institute Nutrition, Lifestyle and Environment (LSI-NLE) Program

A community-based Functional Medicine and Nutrition assessment and intervention program serving low income rural, suburban and urban areas in the Philippines

Nutrition Research and Implementation

LifeScience Institute is continuously developing resources and tools that will equip both patient and practitioners to further elevate the practice of nutrition in Southeast Asia.

Transgenerational Healthcare

Forwarding transgenerational healthcare through personalized nutrition and lifestyle interventions from a Functional Medicine model.

Elevating the Nursing Curriculum and Practice

Re-inventing the nursing practice through knowledge, skills and attitude expansion in support of a higher quality of life for nurses through improved financial compensation and continuing professional development. This program aims to entice overseas nurses to come home and reduce the exodus of current in-country nurses


Bridging Lifestyles and Health: Road to 100 advocacy

This initiative was set to educate individuals from all-socioeconomic classes about the power of lifestyle change in the reversal of chronic disease. The advocacy successfully delivered 107 health and wellness talks reaching over 5,000 Filipinos in 10 months

Kapitolyo health and wellness program

The Kapitolyo Health and Wellness Program was crafted for the Holy Family Parish Health Ministry to help the neighboring urban poor areas of San Antonio, Pasig. Specific areas that had recruited participants were from barangays Ugong, Oranbo, Kapitolyo, Pineda and San Antonio. The program was designed to educate the participants about the importance of Nutrition, Movement and Stress Management as they related to chronic diseases

Nutritional Analysis of the Gawad Kalinga Blue Plate Feeding Program

An assessment of nutrient density of meals prepared in the Gawad Kalinga Blue Plate Feeding Program.

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