Established in 2015, our vision is a re-imagined 21st century health ecosystem addressing the root-causes of complex chronic disease.

Our mission is to elevate the standard of care for healthcare practitioners to improve the assessment and management of underlying causes of complex chronic disease.

We work to achieve our vision and mission by being a leader in Medical Education, Training and Research, equipping patients and practitioners with the necessary knowledge, skills and attitude in empowering individuals in the art and science of medicine.


Medical Education and Training

We provide medical education and training for both health practitioners and patients about the assessment and management of complex chronic conditions.

Our Institute works to accelerate a leading edge, science-based curriculum that bridges the knowledge gap in our current approach to medicine. We support health practitioners in their journey of transition into the Functional Medicine perspective by providing introductory courses, mentoring programs, and case-based learning activities that are adapted to the Southeast Asian region.

We value patient education and firmly believe that patients are the heart of medical care. By providing translational medicine, we move published research into practical application to empower and equip patients for sustainable health outcomes.

Medical Research

Through innovative research, LifeScience Institute collaborates with other institutions to forward the paradigm of root-cause medicine. The areas of research that we engage involve, but are not limited to, nutrition and lifestyle, microbiome, and toxic exposure, as they relate to a systems-biology/Functional Medicine approach to health.


Raymond Joseph Y. Escalona, MD, MBA, MS
Director of Medical Education
Madelene C. Calalo, RND
Nutritionist-Dietitian Educator
Ava Katherine M. Fernandez, MA Education
LifeScience Institute Head
Pamela Monique Columna, RN
Nurse Educator
Annie Lou V. Tenorio, RPh
Medical Education, Research and Training Institute Manager

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